Carla Vásquez-Noriega

Investor Relations Manager

Carla Vásquez-Noriega is the Investor Relations Manager at Merritt Community Capital. She is a dedicated affordable housing professional with over five years of experience in development, financing, and policy. Her passion for this work stems from growing up in low-income housing in Los Angeles and a desire to create housing opportunities for all.

Before joining Merritt in 2022, Carla worked on affordable housing technical assistance, capacity building programs, and lending in the Los Angeles office of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. At LISC, Carla helped launch the Keep It Affordable Academy, a training program for local nonprofits that want to preserve affordable housing assets in vulnerable communities. She also worked in development at the Community Corporation of Santa Monica, where she advanced four affordable communities in a high opportunity area.

Carla has a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Yale University.