Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

We believe everyone should have a home in a community where they can thrive.

Our Mission

Investing in affordable housing

and people,

building a stronger California

Our Values

Icon of People-First Value


People are at the center of our work Promote a culture where people feel valued and supported Foster a sense of belonging Create space for personal and professional success Prioritize residents’ quality of life
Icon for Solutions-Oriented value


We are enthusiastic problem-solvers

Creatively approach obstacles with a spirit of partnership and collaboration
Optimize solutions and outcomes through critical analysis
Appreciate the uniqueness and possibility of each challenge

Icon for Trust Value


We believe in each other

Uphold our reputation as a trusted and reliable partner
Empower our team with trust and confidence
Accountable to each other, our partners, and our communities

Icon for Openness Value


We are eager to share, learn, and grow

Promote transparency and collaboration
Invite diverse perspectives into conversations
Listen and adapt to maximize impact

Icon for Kindness Value


We care about each other

Work with the best intentions and act generously
Accept people and seek to understand differences
Engage in mindful communication