Merritt Scholar Spotlight: Nyny Vu

May 23, 2024

May 23, 2024–Oakland, CA

Nyny Vu is a 2023-2024 Merritt Scholar and is graduating from UC Berkeley with her Master of City Planning Spring 2024! Nyny accepted a job with Enterprise Community Investment as a Real Estate Financial Analyst.  

  1. Why did you apply to Merritt Scholars? 
    I entered grad school wanting to make a purposeful effort to work in the affordable housing industryThe Merritt Scholar’s program was a perfect fit for my goals and uplifted students to pursue careers in affordable housing through mentorship. I also really admired Merritt’s mission and all that they do for the community.  
  1. What drew you to the affordable housing field/Why do you want to work in affordable housing?  
    Growing up in a disadvantaged and low-income community, I saw housing insecurity as the biggest dilemma in so many of my friends’ and family members’ livesAs the state is experiencing the most unprecedented housing crisis, I wanted to make a difference in delivering homes to households that couldn’t afford it otherwise.  
  1. What interests you about working in affordable housing? 
    I appreciate how kind, supportive, and passionate everyone in the industry has been, and how diverse the community of housing policymakers, advocates, and developers are. 
  1. What are your career goals or areas of interest you want to explore?  
    I am interested in affordable housing finance and really enjoy learning about how to make the development of affordable housing more feasible and streamlined. 
  1. What’s been your favorite part about Merritt Scholars? 
    The best part about the program is the camaraderie and tightness that comes out of cohort. I enjoyed getting face time with my fellow colleagues and getting to know them.  I also appreciate that the program partners us with a mentor throughout the process and allows us to attend conferences to expand our network.  
  1. How has the Merritt Scholars program impacted you? 
    Merritt Scholars program has changed my life!  I was able to expand my network and attend so many conferences to meet industry professionals and learn about real-world planning and affordable housing challenges and opportunities. Through these conferences, I was able to secure an internship and a full-time position after my Masters program in affordable housing finance! 
  1. Anything else you would like to add? 
    I am beyond grateful to be a part of this year’s cohort and look forward to being a life-long Merritt Scholar.  I would also like to thank the Merritt Community staff, guiding me (and so many of my colleagues) through these conferences and career paths.   

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experience, Nyny! We are excited to have you in the affordable housing industry!

About Merritt Community Capital Corporation 

Merritt Community Capital Corporation is a nonprofit dedicated to our mission to provide equity capital for affordable housing exclusively to California. We do this by partnering with mission-aligned affordable housing developers throughout the state to ensure the most critical communities are developed and maintained for low-income residents. Since 1989, Merritt has created and/or preserved 11,100 affordable homes, through investing over $1.4 billion in 26 separate funds, providing housing for over 29,700 people. 



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