2023-2024 Merritt Scholar Mentors

November 30, 2023

Thank you to all of our Merritt Scholar mentors!

November 30, 2023-Oakland, CA

We are thrilled to have matched our scholars with industry mentors to help them navigate conferences, serve as a sounding board, and guide them with the next steps in their careers. 

Thank you to the dedicated housing professionals who have volunteered to mentor our Scholars! 

  • Elizabeth Matsumoto 
  • Rochelle Mills  
  • Jessica Lopez 
  • Alexander Russell 
  • Amy Anderson 
  • Pedro Galvao 
  • Michelle Parker 
  • Dalila Sotelo 
  • Rich Ciraulo 
  • Cristina Martinez 
  • Daniel Rodriguez 
  • Alejandro Martinez 
  • Elizabeth Madrigal 
  • Nicole Norori  
  • Ben Winter 
  • Mellody Lock 
  • Eve Stewart 
  • Lance Simon 
  • Erika Villablanca 

Elizabeth is the Director of Multifamily Development at Rural Communities Housing (RCH) and is mentoring Jennifer Carter who is studying at CSU, Sacramento.

Rochelle is President and CEO at Innovative Housing and is mentoring Shawn Kunipo who is studying at CSU Long beach.  

Jessica is Senior Program Analyst at California Strategic Growth Council and is mentoring Madison Nguyen who is studying at UC Irvine.  

Alexander is CEO at Homes and Hope and is mentoring Raul Felix, who is studying at CSU Northridge. 

Amy is Senior Director, Financial Consultant at CA Housing Partnership and is mentoring Adraina Ochoa, who is studying at UCLA. 

Pedro is Deputy Director for Legislation at California Department of Housing & Community Development and is mentoring Alec Cruz, who is studying at UC Berkely.  

Michelle is the Director of Resident Services at EAH and is mentoring Analie Dia, who is studying at CSU, Fresno. 

Dalila is President at Primestor- Residential Division and is serving as mentor to Jasmine Melendez, studying at CSU, Los Angeles.  

Rich is Regional Director of Real Estate and Development at Mercy Housing and is mentoring Jose Ayala, who is studying at CSU Sacramento.  

Cristina is a Senior Project Manager at Bridge Housing and is mentoring Jazmin Vasquez, studying at UC San Diego. 

Daniel is VP, Senior Relationship Manager at Bank of America and is mentoring Jovanny Escareno, studying at San Jose State University. 

Alejandro is President at CRCD Partners LLC and is mentoring Kevin Umana, who is studying at Cal Poly Pomona.  

Elizabeth is an Associate Project Developer at Mission Housing Development Corporation and is mentoring Linsy Damashek, who is studying at UC Berkeley.  

Nicole is Senior Director, Financial Consulting at California Housing Partnership and mentors Marina Panzetta, studying at CSU Long Beach. 

Ben is Senior Vice President at Linc Housing and mentors Miles Cressy, studying at UCLA.  

Mellody is Director of Development at Affirmed Housing and is mentoring Noemi Ramirez, who is studying at CSU Northridge.  

Eve is Vice President of Real Estate Development at SAHA Homes and in mentoring Phuong (Nyny) Vu. Who is studying at UC Berkeley. 

Lance is Design Principal at EGAN/SIMON Architecture and mentors Rosenda Cervantes, studying at CSU Los Angeles. 

Erika is a Regional Director at Mercy Housing and mentors Zaira Eleazar Moreno, studying at UC San Diego.  

Thank you to our fantastic Mentors!  

About Merritt Community Capital Corporation 

Merritt Community Capital Corporation is a nonprofit dedicated to our mission to provide equity capital for affordable housing exclusively to California. We do this by partnering with mission-aligned affordable housing developers throughout the state to ensure the most critical communities are developed and maintained for low-income residents. Since 1989, Merritt has created and/or preserved 11,000 affordable homes, through investing over $1.2 billion in 26 separate funds, providing housing for over 29,700 people. 



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