Commitment to California: Career Development

May 11, 2022

At Merritt, we know that solving the affordable housing crisis requires significant investments in the next generation of affordable housing leaders, who will change the future of our state. Through our Commitment to California initiative, Merritt is dedicated to fostering the next generation at key points in their development. Merritt Scholars is an entry point, providing students with an interest in affordable housing a path into the industry that includes a scholarship, mentoring and industry exposure. For more experienced affordable housing development professionals and emerging leaders, Merritt supports LISC’s Housing Development Training Institute, funding the growth of the the program’s capacity three fold.

The third component of Merritt’s Commitment to California focuses on career development opportunities that support entry level to mid-level affordable housing professionals. In California we have a robust network of state and regional housing organizations and, through partnering with these groups, we proudly support internships and professional development programs across the state that foster diverse leaders and strive to create equity throughout the industry. These programs allow for people to receive guidance and support as they navigate their career. Merritt is providing funding to support and grow programs with the following partners, collectively reaching over 400 participants in the next three years:

Housing California: Emerging Leader Scholarship Fund
Non-Profit Housing Association:
Bay Area Housing Internship Program (BAHIP) & Emerging Leaders Peer Network (ELPN)
California Rural Housing Coalition
: CCRH Internship Program and Rural Housing Summit
Project Manager Mentorship Program
San Diego Housing Federation: Community College Program
SV@Home: Affordable Housing Month
California Housing Partnership: Equity Policy Research Fellowship

By contributing to the future of California we are building opportunities to create more equitable representation, leading to a stronger, more diverse industry.

Thank you to everyone involved in creating a stronger California for all.

Commitment to California
Merritt is contributing an unprecedented $2.5 million over the next 3 years to educate, train, and support over 800 professionals via scholarships, internships, career development, and innovative engagement. We know that solving the affordable housing crisis requires significant investments in the next generation of affordable housing leaders, who will change the future of our state. Focusing on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the industry by leveraging partnerships and creating new opportunities for our future affordable housing leaders is fundamental to building a better California for all.  



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